I want you to sponsor me! University of South Australia
I want you to sponsor me!
University of South Australia
I want you to sponsor me!
I want you to sponsor me!

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My Story

I am 46. I am Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and have been a pain scientist for almost two decades. I have been a Middle Aged Man In Lycra for just 4 years. My longest ride is 113km and I have never done a multi-day event. However, I have a vision to revolutionise the way persistent pain is prevented and treated and if we are serious about this then we have to do something big, something tough and something that will get tongues wagging.

But here’s the main thing: My job is to research pain and disseminate what we discover via research articles, books and conference presentations. But to actually change lives this way takes decades. I reckon that people suffering with persistent pain shouldn’t have to wait that long.

That’s why I am riding 140km a day for a week and working hard every night - seminars, lectures, panels, meeting health professionals and getting our discoveries straight out to the general public each night.

A bunch of other revolutionaries are giving up their time and paying decent money to take part - check out their stories too.

So, I am riding because:
- people with persistent pain are often poorly understood, stigmatised, mismanaged and desperate
- rural Australia is buckling under the burden of persistent pain
- I think we have much to offer and much to learn
- we now know that understanding pain is the most important step to overcoming it
- there really is no excuse now - we must do what it takes to get the message out.

I am a scientist and a clinician and an ex-sufferer. Pain Revolution is science-driven, evidence based and brings a message of hope – when people really understand pain they will, in Dave Moen’s words, see a whole new sense of possible.

We need money to change this situation. Make no mistake, persistent pain can ruin lives; it is the most common reason people leave the workforce; it is clearly linked to the development of depression, social exclusion, poverty and suicide; it affects your kids, your mates and your colleagues. It is real and we know we can do better to help the millions of Australians who suffer.

Thank You

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