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My Story

WOW…. This might be crazy but I am going to cycle from Melbourne to Adelaide (870 km in one week). Why? Because I am passionate about persistent pain education and research. I have been working as a massage therapist for many years. My work with people experiencing chronic pain, as well as my own personal pain journey, inspired me to become a neuroscientist. I am honoured to be joining a group of fellow neuroscientists, health professionals and pain education enthusiasts on the Pain Revolution. We will be running pain education programs by night and cycling by day!!
I will be donning the lycra (never say never in life!) and giving this a red hot go! Show your support by sponsoring me to do this event and raising much needed funds for persistent pain research.

We have a really big problem

  • Pain is Australia's most costly health problem
  • Pain is the most common reason for early retirement
  • Persistent pain is most common in the bush
  • 1 in 5 Aussies are suffering from persistent pain right now
  • Research & resources are desperately needed to change these statistics

We need to completely RETHINK persistent pain. We need to RE-ENGAGE with this massive problem, and give people resources to RECOVER. We need a REVOLUTION!

Want to know more about how neuroscience can help with persistent pain, here is a good starting place:

Please touch base if you would like more information or support in your pain journey...

Thank You

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