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My Story

Persistent pain has huge personal, economic and social costs.

For over 20 years I have represented people injured at work and in motor vehicle and other accidents, seeking to recover compensation.

Many of my clients suffer disabling chronic pain, that has had a major impact on their lives, and the lives of their families. Often they have been through a long process of surgical and other treatment with little improvement in function. The prolonged use of opioid and other medication often leads to serious illness.

I am sure that all would prefer effective treatment to compensation.

Closer to home, my mother struggled with persistent and disabling pain for nearly 20 years following major abdominal surgery. Her retirement was not as she had hoped.She was not well enough to travel and could not be as involved in the lives of her grandchildren as she would have liked.

In recent years, I have seen clients benefiting from new techniques in the treatment and management of pain.

This is why I am supporting research into and education about the better treatment of persistent pain. Read more here: http://painrevolution.org/

In April 2017 I will ride 870km from Melbourne to Adelaide with a group of health professionals and other supporters of the cause to spread the word about the latest developments in pain research.

Please help me to raise $3000 for this important work!

Thank You

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